⚠️ Message to Residents about PFAS Water Contamination ⚠️

Remove PFAS in Your Family's Drinking Water

PFAS are colorless, odorless, cancer causing chemicals detected in North Carolina’s drinking water. 

Protect Your Family from Cancer
Causing Chemicals in Your Local Water

PFAS chemicals, which have turned up in drinking water in cities across the US, have been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and kidney, testicular, prostate, breast, liver, and ovarian cancers.

Because Fridge, Pitcher, & Faucet Filters Are Not Enough...

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Culligan’s system eliminates the need for a drinking water pitcher filter, a refrigerator filter, or the worry of someone ingesting PFAS laced water at any faucet.  You feel safe & confident with the water you’re drinking.

  • A Whole-Home Filtration system does NOT require monthly maintenance (although, annual is required) nor does it backwash or use any additional chemicals. 
  • It does NOT change the taste or color of water as PFAS is a colorless, odorless cancer-causing chemical that is ingested. 
  • Most over the counter water filters such as pitcher, fridge or faucet, do not remove PFAS. That’s why you should talk to a Culligan water expert.

Culligan of the Triad's Whole Home Filtration Removes PFAS

The system we offer is a 3-stage design whole house system. 

Stage 1 is a 5-micron sediment filter

Stage 2 is a carbon filter

Stage 3 is a PFAS resin that offers optimal design, removing non-detectable levels of PFAS

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Why risk your health or your family’s health? 

More than 1k+ Whole Home Systems installed in the Greensboro Area!

Great experience with Sammy
Bruce Cline
13:05 04 May 23
Sometimes as customer we do not give business establishments a chance when we think the business is wrong. Sometimes we need to take a step back and be patient. I was having some issues with my reverse osmosis system that is under my kitchen sink. After contacting the office a few times Suzanne was able to help us figure the situation out without having to spend an enormous amount of money. I am grateful for this and the wait was worth it. All this to say we have to give businesses a chance because we never know what that business is going through. I respect Suzanne for her transparency, professionalism and assistance. I will definitely say that putting the system in our house a couple of years ago was a great investment. I will definitely continue utilizing Culligan for all my water filtration needs. They deserve a chance and deserve 5 stars in order to keep thriving in this economy today.read more
Dashika Bethune
16:42 28 Mar 23
Great company with great employees.
Rick Plummer
20:07 13 Mar 23
Great working with Ann Marie on the sales portion of our new system! Looking forward to better water!
riley locklear
17:33 17 Feb 23
We had a unique problem with our well water having such high levels of iron and acidity. The water besides turning our clothes dingy orange, it was also turning my white show dogs orange!! I couldn’t stand it any longer. We had bought a unit from a scam artist and had to eat that cost over 7 years.Anne Marie came and assured us they could get the rust out and bring our water back to crystal clear. She walked us through each thing and John even came out to make sure our house had enough room for all of the equipment and tanks.Culligan Water of the Triad is the absolute best for customer service!Awesome! 5 stars in our book!!read more
Carla Jo Ryan
18:40 05 Dec 22
From sales to install they did everything as promised, professionally and very affordably. Highly recommend!
Mick Kulin
01:47 21 Aug 22
Marcus was amazing! Very kind and considerate also very informative and knows his stuff! Pleasant experience with Culligan water from the get go!
Erica Bellefleur
18:08 11 Feb 22
Thank you so much Culligan for my RO drinking system! Honestly this is the best investment I have chosen. I am beyond pleased! Thank you Vida for the amazing service! I couldn’t have asked for someone better to help me! You are amazing ! To everyone reading the reviews, you will not be disappointed! I will not go anywhere else ! Thank you again!read more
Kelly Sheffield
18:59 06 Jan 22
Great customer service , super friendly & always makes sure the job is done right ! Highly recommended.
Sara Sanchez
17:51 04 Jan 22
Great Customer Service! ⭐️
Elyssia Bianca
16:19 29 Dec 21
Great customer service. Fast and friendly. Staff is well educated and knows their products.
brandy brown
15:19 29 Dec 21
Called. Sent water samples. Explained my water issuesThey very attentive took me seriously as to my needsSystem set up was great. Service support excellentHave referred them to number of my friendsread more
Gerald Bleacher
14:38 29 Dec 21
Top notch service! Ivey was super patient with all of my questions and just an all around warm and friendly person to work with. I never felt pressured to buy and add-ons and feel like I have a direct line for support if I ever need in the future. The system is incredible. My hair and skin feel normal again! Thank you, Culliganread more
23:07 28 Dec 21
Super easy to set up an appointment, the sales rep did an excellent job with water testing and worked with me and my schedule. I was recommended the H.E. softener which is convenient because I can monitor it on my mobile app. Great customer service and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend Culligan for all water softener and purification needs.read more
Crystal Castillo
19:36 22 Dec 21
Very professional and helpful.Enjoyed working with Vida, she sent Tech out for service in reasonable time. Great business. Great drinking water filter system- RO Aquasential tankless.read more
Stephanie Salinas
16:52 22 Dec 21
Everyone was friendly and helpful. Install was quickly arranged and donewithin a few days. Installer showed me what he was doing and how to carefor the system. Overall pleasent experience. Special shout out to Ivey, shows great.read more
Zoe Tomaino
21:37 21 Dec 21

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